ARCHI-Typing: Ideologies

Archi-Type Ideologies

In an effort to fully understand what excites you in terms of architecture and design, We have created a profiling system. All leading to the hopes of finding what excites you. In tagalog: “Gusto naming hulihin ang kilti niniyo”. You can achieve these through Archi-Typing Ideologies. In the process we’ve concluded that profiling in terms of […]

ARCHI-Typing: 10 Character Archi-Types

Character Archi-Type

Archi-Types consists of ten main character archi-types. These describe the majority of architectural styles from antiquity to present. The Classical Character Archi-Type The Classical Character Archi-Type describes style typologies that express design elements reminiscent of Greek and Roman Architecture. Majestic and grand, the Classical Archi-Type features extensive use of marble and concrete, building materials that […]