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ARCHI-Typing: Ideologies

Archi-Type Ideologies

In an effort to fully understand what excites you in terms of architecture and design, We have created a profiling system. All leading to the hopes of finding what excites you. In tagalog: “Gusto naming hulihin ang kilti niniyo”. You can achieve these through Archi-Typing Ideologies.

In the process we’ve concluded that profiling in terms of architectural style is not enough. To fully understand one’s style and preference, we need to fully understand what goes on in someone’s head. We need to grasp what a person embodies, assess his or her reaction towards different styles.

Some people like following trends, and some people like being bold. Some people like simplicity and focus on the important things, and some people like being fussy about the looks.

Architecture is affected by ideology. It is important to know what your beliefs are before designing a building in case you need to accommodate them.

There are three (3) main ideologies that can be identified through archi-typing:

The Conservative Archi-Typing Ideologies

Archi-Type Conservative Ideologies

Various conservative style typologies make up the conservative Ideology. These style typologies are typically conservative in nature. It possesses a complete absence of ornamentation. To say the least, the conservative ideology is simple.

What Does It Mean to Have a Conservative Ideology?

People who fall under this profile tend to have conservative choices in terms of design. Having a conservative Ideology would mean that trendy and over-the-top design elements are undesirable. Similarly, people under this ideology prefer plain and simple details.

The 20 Conservative Style Typologies

Modern Classical, Brownstone, Colonial, Farmhouse, Mission Style, Moorish, Modern Filipino, Asian Minimalist, Modern Asian, Zen, Nordic Minimalist, Modern Cabin, Desert Modernism, Minimalist, Industrial, Brutalism, Metabolism, Mimetic, Art Moderne

The Conventional Archi-Typing Ideologies

Archi-Type Conventional Ideologies

The Conventional Ideology is made up of several Style Typologies. People with a conservative ideology often follow socially accepted norms and like designs that are common and liked by many.

What Does It Mean to Have a Conventional Ideology?

People who have the Conventional Ideology are not like people who have the other two Ideologies. People with a Conventional Ideology people prefer what is popular in terms of trends.

The 20 Conventional Typologies

Classical, Italianate, Victorian, Craftsman, Spanish, Islamic/Mudejar, Art Deco, Filipino Spanish Colonial, Asian Vernacular, Balinese, Oriental, Nordic, Rustic Cabin, Prairie, Bauhaus, 21st Century Modern, Neo-Brutalism, Constructivism, Novelty, Googie

The Experimental Archi-Typing Ideologies

Archi-Type Experimental Ideologies

Experimental Style Typologies refer to a collection of Styles that often breaks norms. Often described as unconventional architectural styles perceived as odd or over-the-top by most.

What Does It Mean to Have an Experimental Ideology?

Having an Experimental Typology means that you are an innovator in terms of taste. People under this profile are forward-thinkers who aren’t afraid to make unconventional design choices that scare the majority. Furthermore, people under the experimental ideology likes to try new things because you are more willing to do things that other people think is odd.

The 20 Experimental Typologies

Art Nouveau, Gothic, Tudor, Arc Deco, Neo-Islamic, Mayan Revival, Filipino Neo-Vernacular, Asian Expressionism, Neo-Tropical, Japandi, Scandi Expressionist, Mid-Century Modern, Organic, Postmodern, International, Expressionist Brutalism, Deconstructivism, Expressionism, Neo-Futurism

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