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What is an As-Built Plan and why do I need one?

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What is an As-Built Plan?

In the architecture and construction industry, “AsBuilt” refers to a drawing that shows the EXISTING dimensions and conditions of a building, space, or area. In the case of renovation projects, the “As-Built” plan is needed prior to creating the renovation plans.

What is the difference between an As-Built Plan and Renovation Plan?

An as-built plan and a renovation plan are two separate plans. An as-built reflects existing and current conditions while a renovation plan reflects future changes in the existing structure.

Typically, As-Built plans are done prior to creating a renovation plan. This doesn’t discount the possibility that as-built plans may also be required after a renovation or construction project. In most cases, as-built plans are required upon the completion of a construction project to make sure that all changes during the construction period are reflected in a new and updated plan.

Reasons why you may need an As-Built Plan

1. You are planning to renovate your home and you don’t have an existing plan

Prior to any renovation project, you will need some sort of visualization that reflects the current situation of your home. Most newly constructed condominiums and subdivision developments provide homeowners with an as-built plan for their new homes but, the same does not hold true for older properties.

If you’re thinking of asking your city’s building official for old plans and records, think again. Most municipalities and cities dispose of plans every five years. If you don’t have any record of your home’s blueprints on file, then you will need the help of an architect and a team of engineers to complete it.

2. You need to apply for an occupancy permit

Businesses are required to provide an occupancy permit before securing a business permit. Especially if you’ve had major work done, you will definitely need to secure an occupancy permit.

The same goes for other types of projects. An occupancy permit basically states that your building is safe and habitable. Apart from this, you may also need clearance from the bureau of fire and one of their requirements would also be an as-built plan of your property.

3. You’ve finished a renovation project and you need it to get back your construction bond

Most subdivisions and condominiums have a certain set of rules and design restrictions within their homeowners’ association. With that said, a construction bond is often required prior to construction.

Upon completion, this bond is refundable if they find that you have not made any violations against the stipulated rules. Some HOAs also require the submission of an as-built plan, which maps out the final design after construction work. This as-built plan shall serve as a reference for when they come to visit and inspect your home for design violations.


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