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L.Ateliér Challenges Conventional Architectural Services


L.Ateliér Architects

PARANAQUE CITY, METRO MANILA, February 8, 2022. A young and dynamic architectural firm based in Metro Manila, L.Ateliér Architects has made it their mission to change the way architectural services are experienced and delivered.

Communication Gap Between Architects and Clients

Through years of experience, they have identified roadblocks in the architectural design process that cause costly design mistakes—- All due to a constant back and forth during planning and design, made worse by existing gaps in communication between architects and clients. 

Radical Tools and Solutions

With their unconventional solutions and methods, they vow to revolutionize the design experience through Archi-Typing, an intuitive profiling system that can analyze one’s personal aesthetics, and ARA (Architectural Requirements Assessment) that aims to help clients have a better picture of their personal requirements. These can all be experienced through their famous 8-Step Design Methodology, where clients will be able to have a better picture of the whole process towards planning their dream projects. 

Immerse Yourself Through Virtual Reality

With the help of Virtual Reality, clients have the option to immerse themselves inside the project and spot revisions early on in the schematic design phase. “Virtual Reality allows clients to see and feel the whole project” says, Jec, CFO at L.Ateliér Architects.  

A Seamless Design Experience

“I’ve always had the vision of providing a seamless design experience,” comments Ar. La Diaz, Principal Architect and founder at L.Ateliér Architects. “Through experience, I’ve realized that the best designs are created if you know your client deeply. With that said, I’ve made it my mission to provide a design process that is exciting, immersive, and collaborative to make clients look forward to the whole process,” she adds.

Lighter Payment Arrangements

L.Ateliér offers competitive design packages. Lighter payment arrangements and pay-per-use payment options are all you need to experience an exciting, immersive, and collaborative design journey towards planning your dream project. 

For more information on L.Ateliér Architects and their services, visit https://latelier.space. You may also reach them via http://facebook.com/l.atelierinc and Instagram @l.atelierph

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