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How To Bridge The Client-Architect Communication Gap?


Miscommunication Between You and Your Architect

Have you ever felt frustrated that the architect you hired doesn’t understand you? You’re stuck trying to find the words to explain your thoughts, but there seems to be a constant miscommunication. 

Imagine yourself in this scenario: You’re meeting with an architect your friend has just recommended for the first time. During the meeting, the architect asks you what your architectural style is. You have an idea in your head, but you can’t put it into words. 

Avoiding Revisions Even if the Plan Does not Suit You

Because of this, you feel frustrated. You cannot find the words that best describe what you wish to achieve. As the days pass, the architect presents you with a design that does not suit your taste. Revisions are expensive, so you decide to go with the plan and make the necessary revisions on the spot while constructing. Little do you realize that modifications during construction tend to cost way more.

Hit-Or-Miss in Terms of Design

From experience, we recognize this ongoing phenomenon. Because requirements aren’t entirely expressed due to the lack of knowledge on the words to describe it, architects often play a guessing game with the client, resulting in a hit-or-miss output. When architects hit, clients say “he’s good, he’s great” on the downside, when architects miss, this often results in frustration, and misunderstanding leads to a bitter professional transaction.

Personality-Type Assessment to Gauge Your Style

What if a thorough architectural personality type assessment would help clients learn about their preferred style? It would be easier for architects to create a design that fits well with the client. On the other hand, clients wouldn’t have difficulty describing what they want to their architect in terms of aesthetics.

Archi-Typing, an Intuitive Profiling System

Here at L.Ateliér, we have made it our mission to revolutionize how architectural services are delivered. With this, we’ve created an architectural personality test called ARCHI-Typing

To put it simply, ARCHI-Typing is an intuitive profiling system. There are 60 style typologies grouped within 10 character ARCHI-types. Each of the 60 styles defines a person’s conformity to socially accepted norms through the determination of one’s Ideology.

You won’t have difficulty finding the right words to express what you want through ARCHI-Typing. Instead, a series of photographic tests will determine your feelings and inclination towards a particular design theme. We will be able to assess what you like and what you don’t like, doing our job to deliver architecture that is at par with your taste. 

Want to know your Character ARCHI-Type? Take the test here.

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