L.Ateliér Challenges Conventional Architectural Services


L.Ateliér Architects PARANAQUE CITY, METRO MANILA, February 8, 2022. A young and dynamic architectural firm based in Metro Manila, L.Ateliér Architects has made it their mission to change the way architectural services are experienced and delivered. Communication Gap Between Architects and Clients Through years of experience, they have identified roadblocks in the architectural design process […]

How To Bridge The Client-Architect Communication Gap?


Miscommunication Between You and Your Architect Have you ever felt frustrated that the architect you hired doesn’t understand you? You’re stuck trying to find the words to explain your thoughts, but there seems to be a constant miscommunication.  Imagine yourself in this scenario: You’re meeting with an architect your friend has just recommended for the […]

How Does the Architectural Design Process Really Work?

The Architectural Design Process The Architectural Design Process involves a far more complex series of steps to complete. Designing a house isn’t as simple as sketching on paper or creating a 3D model. To be honest, those only take up a piece of the puzzle. Designing a home takes a lot of man-hours. Why? Because […]