What is an As-Built Plan and why do I need one?

home construction considerations

What is an As-Built Plan? In the architecture and construction industry, “As–Built” refers to a drawing that shows the EXISTING dimensions and conditions of a building, space, or area. In the case of renovation projects, the “As-Built” plan is needed prior to creating the renovation plans. What is the difference between an As-Built Plan and […]

Home Design Considerations for your Next Project

home construction considerations

What are the considerations for your next home construction project? We are often at a loss for ideas before massive projects like building or renovating your home. Most people usually focus on aesthetics that tend to forget about the functionality of a space. A lot of excitement comes with building and planning your home for […]

Construction Costs Per Square Meter in the Philippines 2022

construction cost philippines 2022

How Much Do You Need to Build a House in the Philippines? How much are the prevailing construction costs per square meter in the Philippines? We’ve created a calculator to help you know how much it is you really need in terms of construction budget. To explain further, scroll down and read on to know […]