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Construction Costs Per Square Meter in the Philippines 2022

construction cost philippines 2022

How Much Do You Need to Build a House in the Philippines?

How much are the prevailing construction costs per square meter in the Philippines? We’ve created a calculator to help you know how much it is you really need in terms of construction budget. To explain further, scroll down and read on to know more about construction cost per square meter in the Philippines.

The COVID-19 pandemic has completely changed our lifestyle. The popularity of working from home and avoiding the daily commute has been standard practice, and more people are enticed to move out of the city and into the simple provincial life. 

It’s exciting to know that because of this, there are more home construction projects available. Sparking curiosity among millenials, looking to learn more about how much building their new homes will cost. 

There has been a lot of confusion regarding prevailing construction prices per square meter in the Philippines. The truth is, construction prices increase yearly. Prices five years ago aren’t exactly the same as today. On top of that, labor costs have also been increasing for skilled work: specifically jobs in the construction industry. It is almost impossible to have work done at a low price nowadays. Through this guide, we aim to educate first-time homeowners into the reality of taking on a home construction project in the Philippines in the year 2022.

Cost per Square Meter for Bare Residential Projects

Range: PHP 25,000 to PHP 35,000 per Square Meter

Gone are the days when PHP 15,000 per square meter is all you need to build a bare-finished house. Thanks to inflation and increasing material prices, this price has ballooned almost twice. 

If you’re looking to build a bare or an unfinished house, rates start anywhere between PHP 25,000 to PHP 35,000 construction per square meter of the floor area in the Philippines. The variance of approximately PHP 10,000 is based on material costs, structural design, and general labor costs. 

Keep in mind that this does not include any form of finishing. At the most, this budget may allow you to pour in a couple of paint layers, but that is just about it. Working with a smaller floor area may also allow you to add the cheapest tiles in the market for your bathroom floors.   

Cost per Square Meter for Basic Finishes

Range: PHP 36,000 to PHP 45,000 per Square Meter

A decent home with basic finishes would cost you between PHP 36,000 to PHP 45,000. Basic finishes would include ceiling works, 60 x 60 cm concrete tiles, and steel railings for your balcony and stairs.  

With this budget, you can still play around and add a few accent elements. Throw around a few accent tiles here and there, or perhaps add simple door casings in each entryway. Whatever it is, just be mindful of the quantity.

Cost per Square Meter for Average Standard Finishes

Range: PHP 46,000 to PHP 60,000 per Square Meter

Suppose you want the complete package. From market average standard tiles to vinyl ceiling panels, you will have to allocate a budget of PHP 46,000 to PHP 60,000 construction cost per square meter in the Philippines. This budget will allow you to add dramatic lighting in your interiors and exteriors, cove and accent lights, above-average architectural hardware, and moldings and casings.

Unless you want to clad your home in imported stone from Europe, this budget will allow you to enjoy furnishing and finishing your home. You’ll be able to purchase building materials that are slightly above average in terms of price. If you’re smart enough, you may be able to get great deals regarding finishing materials and have some finishing costs left over.

Cost Per Square meter for High-End Finishes

Range: PHP 61,000 to PHP 90,000 per square meter

Think travertine marble cladding, calacatta marble countertops, large glass panels, Japanese toilet fixtures, high-end architectural hardware, and a swimming pool. A budget of PHP 61,000 to PHP 90,000 per square meter is enough to make your dreams come true in terms of architectural finishes. While considering luxury finishes, it would still be wise to be conscious of quantity because this may dramatically affect your budget. 

Cost Per Square meter for Luxury Finishes

Range: PHP 91,000 to PHP 160,000 per square meter

If you want an endgame, this is the budget you need to consider. Kenneth and Mock windows, hardwood floors, imported porcelain from Italy, Gemstone cladding, and luxurious finishes money can buy. Expect to spend at least PHP 91,000 upwards of PHP 160,000 per square meter. 

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